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Hey Hypno Peeps! Our move is complete, the new hub is all set up and systems back online. We appreciate your patience throughout this big move. We start shipping your orders today, new books included! We'll also be throwing in some extra goodies for the wait. 

George and Destiny

Saga PX Exclusive Lying Cat Funko Pop is available to order!.

Get your Saga Lying Cat FCBD Exclusive Funko Pop!

Inspired by the best-selling, award-winning Image Comics series Saga from Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples, Lying Cat joins Funko's POP! Vinyl Figure line with this exclusive figure that will be available for Free Comic Book Day! Standing 3 3/4" tall with the stylized design that has proven so popular with consumers, Lying Cat will call you out when you say you don't want him! Window box packaging.

These will go fast!

Order your Saga Lying Cat Exclusive Pop Here (Click Here)

Brian Michael Bendis on Man of Steel this May and a big thank you!

Hey Hypno Peeps!

I just wanted to thank you for your patience throughout this big move. We have started shipping orders and will have new releases for you to add to your pulls back on schedule next week.

Also, we're so excited for Brian Michael Bendis on his new Man of Steel this May, check out the graphic. Remind you of when John Byrne did his Man of Steel series?

Have a wonderful day ,


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