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X-O Manowar (Vol. 2) #8 Cover A

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War has returned to the world of Gorin - but, this time, the planets ravaged armies face a threat from the stars, not within! Now, as the intergalactic assault reaches a critical peak, it falls to Gorins newly coronated emperor, Aric of Urth, to fortify not just a kingdom, but an entire world! With his sentient armor to aid him, the Earthborn warrior once known as X-O Manowar will confront the conquering force known as the Mono Men on the field of battle...but if he doesnt act fast, his reign will end just as quickly as it began!

Category: Comics
Publishing/Release Date: 25 October 2017
Printing: 1st
Category: Comics | 25 October 2017 | 1st Print
Creative Team:
Writer(s): Matt Kindt
Cover Artist(s): Lewis Larosa
Artist(s): Clayton Crain
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Writer(s):Matt Kindt
Cover Artist(s):Lewis Larosa
Artist(s):Clayton Crain
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